For this period of operation, “FinAgro” issues loans for the resident, private persons and legal entities In who’s property is more than 90% of their initial capital.
“FinAgro” wouldn’t collaborate with state organizations and/or with the organizations, in which the share of state is more than 10%. Also with public persons, members of government, ecclesiastics and members of  parliament, “FinAgro” offers agro, business and consumer loans . Every adult citizen of Georgia can apply for the loan.
    Loans are issued mainly to individual farmers, farmer groups, rural cooperation, individual plants and limited liability companies.  Loans that are related to production and realization of plural cereals, fruits, grapes and vegetables; manufacturing fruits and plural cereals, cattle-breeding (meat, milk, fish) production/realization; agro service and producing feeding production.
    The amount of loan is from 500 to 50 000 Lari. Yearly rate vary between 18%-36%.The duration of the loan is from 3 to 36 months. There is a privilege period and flexible payment time-tables for clients. For all types of loan the percent is accrued on the residual of main amount. The loans are issued simply and fast, within 2-3 days and require only the necessary documents. Guarantee is required for any type of loan. The value of the  guarantee should be no less than 10% of the asked amount of loan.

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