JSC Microfinance Organization “FinAgro” was founded in November 2007. Georgian Rural Development Fund (GRDF) is the founder and controls the 100% share of “FinAgro”. The head office of organization is in Gori and has 4 branches in Telavi, Tsnori, Zestafoni Marneuli and one service center in Kaspi.
JSC Microfinance Organization “FinAgro”,s main activity is to finance with micro loan organizations or private persons who operate in the rural sector or are somehow related to it. JSC Microfinance Organization “FinAgro”,s aim is to support the development of small and medium size businesses in Georgia by providing micro loans. Nowadays we operate in Shida Qartli, Qvemo Qartli, Kakheti and Imereti. 
“FinAgro” has subtle credit politic that takes into account the interests of the borrower as much as possible. Loans are issued as on for broadening of existing business, as for starting a new one. “FinAgro” finances all kind of private business (production, trade, rural business, service sector).
With the help of international organizations “FinAgro” insures the borrowers with informational support. From time to time conducts seminars and trainings that are leaded with local and foreign experts. 
“FinAgro” systematically conducts research of client’s needs and market analyze and subsequently makes the modification and diversification of existing products and offers a new ones.  

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